"Enigmatizing Networks has provided our company with superior I.T. consulting as well as excellent customer service above and beyond any consulting company I have ever experienced."

Jeff Provenzano
Pro's Ranch Markets

"Enigmatizing Networks is a vital component to our company's operations and success. Their prompt services and response time is excellent, especially when an issue arises that can interfere or stop our day to day business operations.  They have a very knowledgeable staff that understands how to setup necessary system services to help a business communicate better with its clients.  I gladly recommend "Enigmatizing Networks" to any company the needs I.T. support for their business and have done so in the past."

Vincent Miranda
A.D.E. Consulting

Enigmatizing Networks can build your network from the ground up or provide corrective maintenance to your existing network. We are a Cisco Partner and have the expertise to design, plan and implement a wide array of networking products like routers, switches, firewalls, wireless controllers and wireless access points. We can assist you in choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Internet products for your business needs. Below are some of the solutions we commonly deploy.

Cisco 2800 Series Routers

These Integrated Services routers are no longer just product to route between networks.  They now have the capability/modularity of handling voice, video, VPN’s, security and much more.  These are just added bonuses to the renowned stability and reliability of all Cisco networking products.

Cisco 2960 Series Switches

These are the entry level Cisco switches that fit great into Small Business networks and budgets.  They come in many flavors; from 8-48 ports 10/100/1000 and Power Over Ethernet (POE) to power up IP Phones or Wireless Access Points.  They provide Vlan and QOS features and come backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Cisco ASA 5500 Series Firewalls

This is Cisco's new line of firewalls, replacing its predecessor the Cisco PIX firewall.  It has many great enhancements, but continues to deliver the best security for your network.  There are a few models to choose from that fit well into Small Business networks.  They come in 10 users, 50 users or unlimited users license structure.  They offer IPSec VPNs for both remote users and remote offices.  They also can perform SSL VPN’s to provide a client-less VPN connection to your network.

Cisco 500 Mobility Express

This is Cisco’s wireless solution for Small to Medium size businesses.  It is a combination of a Cisco 526 Mobility Controller and up to six Cisco 521 Wireless Access Points.  It comes with many enterprise level features, but the cost is targeted to the SMB market.  It offers an easy to use Guest Wireless portal, voice over wireless, QOS and Vlan’s.


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