"Enigmatizing Networks has provided our company with superior I.T. consulting as well as excellent customer service above and beyond any consulting company I have ever experienced."

Jeff Provenzano
Pro's Ranch Markets

"Enigmatizing Networks is a vital component to our company's operations and success. Their prompt services and response time is excellent, especially when an issue arises that can interfere or stop our day to day business operations.  They have a very knowledgeable staff that understands how to setup necessary system services to help a business communicate better with its clients.  I gladly recommend "Enigmatizing Networks" to any company the needs I.T. support for their business and have done so in the past."

Vincent Miranda
A.D.E. Consulting

Enigmatizing Networks is a VMware Professional Partner and will help you do more with less Physical Servers by virtualizing and consolidating your Server Infrastructure.  Virtualization has been around for years, but just recently companies have really started to implement and reaps the benefits of virtualization.  It is a simple approach that allows you to use one physical server as a host and then divide that servers hardware accordingly to create multiple (range from 2-25) virtual servers.  Virtualization quickly provides ROI by making better use of your hardware and decreasing the cost of server hardware, electricity, facilities and more.  Listed below are a couple Virtualization Solutions that are great for Small and Medium size businesses.

VMware vSphere Essentials & Essentials Plus

VMware offers the largest selection of products in the Virtualization market.  They are the clear leader of the industry and continue to produce new software that enhances the ability to Virtualize and manage your IT Infrastructure.  Their vSphere Essentials product is a perfect virtualization solution for Small and Medium size businesses at a great price, starting at $995.  It includes licensing for three hosts with two six-core processors each.  If you would like to add high availability to this solution the Essentials Plus license will provide this function.

Microsoft Hyper-V

If you prefer to stick with Microsoft products, Hyper-V is a great virtualization solution.  It offers the same host and virtual server concept but uses Windows 2008 Server Hyper-V as the host operating system.


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